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Fixing a missing git rename, after manual mv + edit

I happily reorganized some Frameworks, trusting that git add --all would pick up the changes. It did for the most of the files. But I edited some files to fix them, and apparently - judging from the output of git commit --dry-run -a and git status - it wouldn’t have picked up some renames.

That’s something I don’t like, because it means losing the history for that file, unless I remember that an orphan exists somewhere in the git tree.

I didn’t commit anything yet. But I did run git add -all. A good idea may have been to run git add -all --dry-run beforehand.

Here’s how I fixed that:

git add -u new/file.m      # undo add of new file
git reset -- old/file.m    # undelete old file in staging
mv new/file.m old/file.m   # mv new file in place of old
git mv -f old/file.m new/file.m  # let git move it back

Now it shows up in git status like this, which should be OK.

	deleted:    new/file.m
	renamed:    old/file.m -> new/file.m
	modified:   new/file.m

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