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[updated] bye bye genstrings, hello mulle-genstrings

I knew that it existed, but hardly ever used it. But this week, as I had a need for localization, it dawned on me, that maintaining Localizable.strings of different locales with genstrings and FileMerge will become extremely tedious.

How long does genstrings now exist ? 20 years or so ? Apparently there is still nothing else.

So I wrote me a replacement mulle-genstrings. It isn't as full-featured as genstrings, sorta stripped down to my needs, but for which I like to claim two things, three things actually :)

  • if a Localized.strings file exists, the keys and (!) comments are merged
  • the output is diff-equivalent to the output of genstrings

And of course, just for principles sake, it's a smidgen faster then genstrings.

mulle-genstrings has been updated to support an additional flag -a, which allows non-destructive adding to translated key value pairs in the strings file

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