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Xcode completion moan

For some reason, Xcode very often changes the capitalization on expanded words for me.



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If you type a partial string and accept one of the autocomplete suggestions it doesn't matter what case you use - You could type "UICOL" + tab and it would be completed to "UIColor".

If you, on the other hand, either reject the autocomplete suggestion, or type the whole string yourself, any case errors in your input will be preserved / restored - Like in the example you gave. You typed "UICOlor" and didn't explicitly accept the completion (by, for example, hitting tab). Given that you didn't accept the suggested completion, Xcode had no choice but to accept the string as provided by you.

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From: Nat!

What Xcode does wrong IMO, is that it autocompletes case-insensitively, thus hiding the valid input for some time. It's the only editor I know, which doesn't always show what you type. Really bad.

The outcome is, that I think I am typing valid code, when I am not. I am lots faster making corrections while I type, then fixing wrong types afterwards. I mean I wouldn't make a screencast of it if it wasn't highly annoying. :)

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