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Convenient Coding Layout on the Numeric Keypad

I had my right hand in plaster for a couple of weeks, due to a bicycle accident. With only the left hand available I really noticed again how a lot of the Objective-C coding characters like @{}~[]|<>\' are not so easy to press on german keyboards.

Thankfully there is a keyboard remapper called Ukulele, which allows you to redefine the OS X keys very easily. I had the idea, that I just wanted to have all the main keyboard keys stay in their place, but to only redefine the numeric keypad.

So the standard keypad layout is substituted like this:

After I got used to this, it turned out to be also quite useful, when coding with two hands again. I especially use @ and { } only from the keypad. If I need the regular numeric keypad layout, I just press CAPS LOCK.

Download Nat! German.keylayout.gz