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OSX 10.9: brew + osxfuse + encfs + Macfusion2 + EncFS Plugin == success (+binary)

It took some time to get this happening and I can't take much credit, because it was basically just a waiting game ;) First up it seems the FUSE to use now is osxfuse. This can be installed with brew, which i much prefer over other ways to install non-Apple software.

brew install osxfuse

should just work. But right now:

brew install encfs

does not!


brew install


It's interesting to note, that by adding homebrew to the equation I am opening myself up to a new attack vector. Convenience be my death...

Macfusion2 doesn't need much tweaks to get going. I pushed my changes into a fork on github mulle-nat/macfusion2. Here is also a binary. There are other forks of github, I didn't try them.

Finally I needed to build the EncFS plugin. This also wasn't very complicated. The project unfortunately resides on googlecode and uses svn. :( But here is a patch you can apply to a fresh checkout.

First you have to build Macfusion2. Then copy the MFCore.framework to your ~/Library/Frameworks folder. Now you can build EncFS.mfplugin, place this into and it should just work.