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Reign in Mett

I am enjoying a comfortable reign in the Ducks game. I finally pushed through to level 39 and I can almost taste 40, where I hope, I hit 999.999.999. DSCF7042 I added another game to my kingdom: Dawn of the Chordead. Not sure how long that will last though. I guess at some time I want to see level 100. DSCF7039 My goal of 1000 chains in Superslider was reached, a good thing because there's a revolt brewing… DSCF7045 I had to fight a bit to keep Scale Runner in my possession. I'd think in a pinch, there is a million or so I can still make. DSCF7044 The Superducks #1 slot is still secure, because I played to level #41. DSCF7043 Finally I am trying to conquer the sixth and most complicated mini-game Big Swing Baseball. but I am only #2: DSCF7041