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Using ppc and 10.4 SDK with Xcode 4

On Stack Overflow someone called Mecki apparently figured it out.

In other news, my old Kung-Log client crashes now, because of 10.6.6.

19.03.11 14:50:58 [0x0-0x4e04e][2081] dyld: Library not loaded: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Symbolication.framework/Versions/A/Symbolication19.03.11 14:50:58 [0x0-0x4e04e][2081] Referenced from: /System/Library/Frameworks/SyncServices.framework/Versions/A/SyncServices19.03.11 14:50:58 [0x0-0x4e04e][2081] Reason: no suitable 19.03.11 14:50:58 [0x0-0x4e04e][2081] image found.  Did find:19.03.11 14:50:58 [0x0-0x4e04e][2081] /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Symbolication.framework/Versions/A/Symbolication: no matching architecture in universal wrapper

This is the first time I am using MarsEdit. So far so good.