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Some notes on installing Linux VMs on XenServer without XenCenter (on VMware)

I found and find XenServer quite perplexing. Because I did not install the Windows maintainance console, I am left with the XenServer Configuration console, which has a possibility to enter the command line shell. I currently believe there is no way to create a virtual machine with the XenServer Configuration console, which I find kinda idiotic...

XenServer Configuration Console

Important first steps, when the XenServer has booted up for the first time:

  1. Enter the shell
  2. Mount the support Linux Guest Support image: mkdir /tmp/xxx ; mount /dev/cdrom /tmp/xxx ; cd /tmp/xxx ; ./
  3. Check the templates installed with xe template-list, note the names.
  4. Install a VM with xe vm-install template-name="Debian Squeeze 6.0 (32-bit)" new-name-label="Debian Linux Test"
  5. exit back to the XenServer Configuration console
  6. Check Virtual Machines/All VMs that your VMware is there.

XenServer Configuration Console

Looks OK, but the VM won't start, most likely because I am testing this in VMware.