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PDF Creation, Image Shrinking, Hyperlinks

Just some stuff I learned, producing a very very simple flyer in a few hours instead of the few minutes it should have taken:

  • Using Omnigraffle 5.2.3 it's apparently not possible to print "http:" actions into the PDF.
  • You can use the Colorsync Utility to compress the images in the PDF. But you need to copy an existing filter to change the parameters (drove me nuts at first)
  • Colorsync Utility will also strip out the hyperlinks during the save of a PDF. So this is probably a feature of Mac OS X ?
  • Or is it ? Because you can use Preview to post-process a and annotate hyperlinks. These then save OK.
  • But you can't overlay an email-address with a hyperlink area, as the generic text to mail-link parser of Preview takes precedence.