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Nat! vs. evil code elves: Final fishings before christmas

Moving the framework to different start addresses:

Start Address Result
0x34200000 no crash
0x00f50000 no crash
0x35210000 no crash
0x35200000 crash
0x75200000 no crash

So it it crashes with 0x35200000, well that I already did know.

Isolating the bug

I was able to isolate the bug eventually into a much much smaller project. Strangely enough, if I put the code into a .dylib then there is no problem, but if I use a .framework it crashes or fails. If I had tried a framework two days ago instead of a dylib, it would have saved me quite a bit of headache. Also I know now, that AppKit doesn't need to be present. A Foundation tool shows the same problem.

The same code does not crash on another computer.

Hilarious! After three days I know now much more about the bug, still, it seems to make no sense whatsoever. On a hunch I would say this has something to do with virtualization on the CPU in some way. It will be interesting to figure out, how to debug that.

As this is the last entry before christmas. Happy Christmas and New Years. More to come next year, if I don't die of old age in the mean time.

Final Note

I gave up on this. I assume this to have been a freak hardware problem.