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The next MulleSybaseEOAdaptor release

I finally have some time to ready a new adaptor release. I dimly remember that I had some requests for some special OS X or compiler combination, but I forgot which. If you have a request specific to the MulleSybaseEOAdaptor, leave a comment.

Here are the preliminary release notes:

Version 2.9

  1. . I am really pedantic on +formatValue not being nil. It shouldn't happen when using MulleEOF and you should be passing in [EONull null] anyway
  2. Added an exception so that writetext doesn't fail silently (with only some log output). Check that image/text isn't really just varchar/varbinary.
  3. Allow nil qualifier in debug mode on and updateValues:inRowDescribedByQualifier:entity: related

Version 2.8

  1. You may pass in "nil" as a value for -[EOAdaptor fetchedValueForValue:attribute:]
  2. Finally in version 2.8 "expressionClass" will not be overridden, but "defaultExpressionClass", which is correct.
  3. If an image attibute has value null, the adaptor will not write a serialized [EONull null] into the DB.
  4. Image/text is written with a simpler qualifier, that is just qualifying the primary key.
  5. -[MulleSybaseSQLExpression primaryKeyConstraintStatementsForEntityGroup] produces proper SQL code now
  6. Versioning information should be correct (thx to for noting that).
  7. Fixed Void and In/out parameters sql generation to produce syntactically correct SQL
  8. JDBC compatibility port number hack
  9. Fixed creation of primary key constraints generation (or rather their declaration, the statement issued is not a true constraint, which I might fix with MulleEOF 2.0)
  10. If _debug flag is set, the adaptor now writes the number of bytes read (along with the SQL) in completeFetch