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A cursory glance at other free 3D Modellers

While looking for an alternative to Blender I checked out these alternatives...

Name Comment Verdict
Art Of Illusion 3D Neither the 2.5.1 nor the the 2.6.1 installer .exe worked on Windows. FAIL
GroIMP-0.9.7 Java jar without accompanying .BAT, didn't look so promising/fitting in the first place. FAIL
OpenFX 2.0 A nice looking editor, but I couldn't find a useful object list view. FAIL
Moonlight-0.2.0 Java yet again. No .BAT file to start it. Screenshots didn't look too bad though. FAIL
Ayam 1.13 Needs an obsolete render engine. Looked extremely poor. FAIL
AvoCADo-08.03 Java :( but comes with a .BAT file! Which doesn't work :( FAIL
K-3D 0.7.9 It looked very promising for exactly 45seconds and then crashed when I tried to move a sphere. FAIL

The last try will be trueSpace from Caligari a hefty -used to be commercial- package and then it's back to Blender (yuck).