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Supreme Commander and Hardware Requirements

I bought the 2GB RAM, an E6600 CPU and an 8800GTS videocard along with an ASUS PSB-EPlus board, a new SATA drive and a new power supply. So how does SPC play on it ?

With the 8800GTS I can max out all the settings (except resolution, my monitor is too weak), and wow does it look good!
The immediate concern is that maybe my 17" display is too small. SPC units are fairly tiny at a comfortable zoom level, and a resolution of 2560xwhatever on a 30" display suddenly appears to make sense for the first time...

CPU-power-wise, an E6600 CPU may not be enough! Today I played a sandbox game with 500 units and reaction to the commands was delayed by several seconds. The graphics animations ran silkily smooth at the same time but my commander followed my commands with perceptible delays. I did crowd my commander with about 50 to 100 T3 construction bots, so the wayfinding wasn't simple for sure.

A look at the task manager revealed, that CPU-1 was going full tilt, while CPU-2 wasn't doing much at all, maybe 20% load.

From what I have read the first CPU is doing all the AI and world calculations, whereas CPU-2 is dedicated to driving the graphics. If that is true, and it certainly looks that way, then a QuadCore will not help much, because the main logic appears to run in a single thread.

Well more on this later... I'll look how many threads are really running.