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Mulle Merchandise - The Guitar Pick

After seven years of Mulle kybernetiK's existence our business plan finally has come to it's fruition!

For an extremely limited time we can offer you the one and only Mulle kybernetiK Guitar Pick.

It's thickness (gauge) is 1.25 (extra heavy). They are all yellow and the print is on one side of the pick. It's perfectly shaped for fast alternate picking and pinch harmonics don't take any effort with it, we guarantee you. It's a special kind of pick though, you can only play METAL with it.

Mulle Pick 1.25 Extra Heavy

Click on the pick for a different pic

So you want one pick it's gonna cost 2 Euros including shipping. Or take the extra special offer: three picks for 4 Euro. That's quite a competitive price compared to the competition. Send an email if you are interested.