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I bought Supreme Commander and ended up playing Desktop Tower Defense all the time

Funny. Yesterday I paid 40 Euros for Supreme Commander installed it and ended up playing a game which cost nothing.

Desktop Tower Defense is totally addictive. And even if you complete it, you still wonder if there isn't a better way to play it... Don't try this game if you have work to do.

Supreme Commander needs some new hardware. Checking the Gaspoweredgames forum and various benchmarks, I figure I need a machine with at least 2GB RAM, a E6600 CPU and an 8800GTS videocard. I kind of wonder if such a machine is actually more powerful than a PS3, comparable or maybe even weaker ? I have no idea.

Ok enough aimless rambling...


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From: Sam

I Bought supreme commander and CnC 3 at the same time, compleated both, then sold CnC. now i play Sup Com...

I run it perfectly happily on E6300 with ATI 1950 and couple of gig of ram total upgrade cost me less than £550

PS3 is a monster that is way way more powerfull, it has 7 Cell processors with 9 cores per cell ( one power chip in the center and 8 vector units ) if it was in the TOP 500 in 2006 it would have been in the top 100 fastest computers on planet earth at the much touted 1.8 Terra flop throughput.

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From: omg

Since it seems you never have a comment posted, here's one from a person on the interweb looking for supreme commander tower defense.

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From: Nat!

Yeah, I am uninteresting :)

Actually I think it could be doable. Just have the commander in a shield on the exit and funnel the incoming baddies through Point Defenses and Artillery and Missile launchers.

The shielded commander should attract the baddies well enough.

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