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Getting InterfaceBuilder 2.5 to run on Leopard

You need to copy a few things over from your working Tiger installation. With all these in place Interface Builder 2.5 starts nicely and doesn't complain. I haven't tested it more.

From /System/Library/Frameworks (Tiger) to /Library/Frameworks (Leopard) a different target directory!

  • InterfaceBuilder.framework
  • WebKit.framework

From /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks (Tiger) to /Library/Frameworks (Leopard) a different target directory!

  • DevToolsIDEServices.framework
  • DevToolsRemoteClient.framework
  • DevToolsInterface.framework
  • DevToolsCore.framework
  • DevToolsSupport.framework
  • JavaKit.framework

From /Library/Application Support/Apple/Developer Tools (Tiger) to /Library/Application Support/Apple/Developer Tools (Leopard)

  • IB Templates

From /Developer (Tiger) to /Developer (Leopard)

  • IB Plugins if available
  • Palettes

From /Developer/Extras (Tiger) to /Developer/Extras (Leopard)

  • Palettes


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From: Chris Hanson

Why do all that, when you can just install Xcode 2.5 on Leopard and get the old Interface Builder and an older Xcode as well?

None of the Developer Tools suite are really designed to do anything like you suggest above. Don't mix and match tools, just do side-by-side installs. That's supported now.

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From: Nat!

Hmm good idea :), I might just do that instead.

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