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Getting EOModeler to run on Leopard

You need to copy a few things over from your working Tiger installation. With all these in place EOModeler starts nicely (at least with MulleEOF) and doesn't complain. I haven't tested it more.

From /System/Library/Frameworks (Tiger) to /Library/Frameworks (Leopard) a different target directory!

  • EOModeler.framework
  • InterfaceBuilder.framework sic!
  • WebKit.framework

From /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks (Tiger) to /Library/Frameworks (Leopard) a different target directory!

  • DevToolsIDEServices.framework
  • DevToolsRemoteClient.framework
  • DevToolsInterface.framework
  • DevToolsCore.framework
  • DevToolsSupport.framework
  • IDEServices.framework
  • JavaKit.framework
  • EOModelWizard.framework
  • EOSQLExpressionExtensions.framework
  • WODevKit.framework

Check if these aren't present already! From /usr/lib/java (Tiger) to /usr/lib/java (Leopard)

  • libEOControlJava.A.dylib
  • libEOAccessJava.A.dylib
  • libexpressionextensionsjava.A.dylib
  • libEOControlJava.dylib this is a symbolic link to libEOControlJava.A.dylib, so create manually
  • libEOAccessJava.dylib this is a symbolic link to libEOAccessJava.A.dylib, so create manually
  • libexpressionextensionsjava.dylib this is a symbolic link to libexpressionextensionsjava.A.dylib, so create manually

From /Developer (Tiger) to /Developer (Leopard)

  • EOMBundles if available

If you are not using MulleEOF, as you likely aren't then copy from /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks (Tiger) to /Library/Frameworks (Leopard) a different target directory! the following frameworks

  • EOControl.framework
  • EOAccess.framework
  • EOInterface.framework

otherwise install the MulleEOF frameworks in /Library/Frameworks and the MulleEOModelerHacks.EOMbundle in /Developer/EOMBundles on Leopard.