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ASUS P5B-E PLUS : I can't recommend it

The board runs stable and fast. The BIOS got a lot of tweaking options. Fine....

But the drivers are HELL. The JRAID driver is a piece of shit, that I wasted quite some time on trying to get it to work. That's until I read in some forums, that I am better off NOT installing it over the default Windows drivers.

The SoundMAX driver is just hilarious. At first everything was working. Then unplugged my headphones and plugged my headset in. The software "smartly" detected a new device connected to the soundcards in- and ouputs and asked me what it was. I answered "microphone" for the pink jack. When I was asked for the green jack, I answered "headphones". That was incorrect according to the software, which told me I should connect the phones to the "green" jack. It then decided to turn off that jack completely!


There was NO way to tell the driver to turn that output on again. Finally I reinstalled the driver and I got sound again. Hurray.

The problem is now, the microphone stopped working. And I am not getting it back, by reinstalling the software....