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What is happening and what not

2006 has been a very slow year for this Blog, even worse than 2005. There are a few reasons. The most likely is of course Blog-rot. You start writing a Blog, you run out of ideas. The frequency of entries starts to dwindle, readers start losing interest. The Blog folds.

Obviously, that is very similiar to what is happening here...

Some reasons that affect the dearth of submissions.

  1. old age is taking its toll, always something to consider. :)
  2. my "other" hidden blog is taking up some of the technical submissions. For MulleEOF I have another "secret" blog, where I put my technical problems and solutions. The entries are really only interesting in the context of MulleEOF, so I don't put any effort into writing them, since I am the only one reading 'em.
  3. I am mostly coding for MulleEOF, which contrary to its name is proprietary. It's fun to dick around and expand and refine a framework, that basically beats everything else available :) On the plus side, there is the occasional update of MulleEOInterface and MulleSybaseEOAdaptor.
  4. the remaining part of free time is taken up, trying to learn guitar, which is pretty time intensive. I might start to write some stuff about guitar playing here. Unfortunately my playing sounds like shit, so don't expect any sound samples here.
  5. I don't have any spare time for other little projects, that may end up as Mulle article or product in some form.