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Upgrading Charcoal2 for phpBB2 2.0.21 or something

I did a clean install of the phpBB2 software to upgrade my two forums /forum/Optimization and /RAL/messageboard/. I ran into problems, because the style Charcoal2 is outdated and doesn't support Visual Confirmation.

Here's how I fixed it. (Your webserver must be willing to traverse symlink)

cd templates/Charcoal2
mv admin admin.old
ln -s ../subSilver/admin
mv profile_add_body.tpl profile_add_body.tpl.old
ln -s ../subSilver/profile_add_body.tpl

The solution is pretty easy, but took me more than an hour to reach. I suspect most of the templates in Charcoal2 are just straight copies of older versions of subSilver. At a certain point of time in my life (retirement) I am gonna check out an older version of phpBB2, diff subSilver against Charcoal2 and symlink all the identical template files.