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Upcoming Mulle stuff from me, myself and I

This is the Mulle stuff that is in the pipe and that I'll try to release this year. As I think there is actually a decent chance that this will happen, even possibly rather soon, I dare lay out this "roadmap".

  • MulleAutoreleasePool, this is going to be an article for the optimizing series. I am now using the code from the IMP Deluxe article in a real life setting and did some major changes. When I think it's foolproof I need to write an accompanying article and release it. This has already begun.
  • MulleImagePrinter2. Man I tried my best to discourage people to download it, but for whatever reason the original version gets downloaded. A lot. There were 2000 downloads last year. The app doesn't even run on Mac OS X. It ran on Mac OS X Server 1.2! I actually get mail from people that ask me to do a new version. Oh well, what do I know, maybe this app is useful ? I am pretty much through with porting this already.
  • The MulleSybaseEOAdaptor will see a final version for Apple EOF. Later versions (released or private) will only work with MulleEOF thereafter. I foreseeably can leave 10.2 behind for good and I see no reason to further support it.
  • MulleEOInterface goes 1.0. I did a whole lot of changes, since I am now also using this in real life. This will see further improvements during the year. As this is a source release, it shouldn't be to complicated to retrofit it to Apple EOF, though I won't be testing against it anymore. At the bottom of this entry (or where it says more) I have pasted in the release notes as they are now.

There is a possibility that I will release MulleHashTable as well this year, but it needs quite a bit of polish to make it general purpose. MulleHashTable was written for MulleEOF where large quantities of objects must be handled, a task Foundation traditionally sucks at.

Oops, I noticed that after the IP-Migration I forgot to migrate my domain. That should be fixed in the DNS over the next hours.

Preview of MulleEOInterface Release Notes

  1. Usability tweaks for EOActionCellAssociation and EOTextAssociation
  2. Removed superflous dependency on EOAccess.
  3. Added -debugDescription to EODisplayGroup and whereever else I thought it was useful.
  4. Used +setVersion in +initialize more.
  5. DisplayGroups reestablish their connection with the EOEditingContext now more cleanly.
  6. Leak involving decoding fixed.
  7. EODisplayGroup has been separated into many different Categories. It was just too large in one file.
  8. Selection has been streamlined and dumbed down a bit. Associations try to use the standard selection API more, than the one I "invented".
  9. EOControlAssociations do not handle controlTextDidEndEditing: anymore, since this can and will be done by the action method anyway.
  10. Match qualifiers do not convert non-strings to strings for default matching. Instead default matching is only done on strings.
  11. Adds NSModalPanelRunLoopMode to the EODelayedObserverQueue runLoopModes on +load.
  12. Changed EOActionInsertionAssociation to use addObject:toBothSidesOf...
  13. EOPopupAssociation enable code umgeschrieben. Also changed the syncSelectionWithObjectOfGroup code, the code before, I don't know why that was useful.
  14. EOAssociations dequeue themselves out of the EODelayedObserverQueue when breaking the connection.
  15. Hacked qualifierFromQueryValues to use EOQualifierOperatorEqual on non-string values instead of like.
  16. Sporadic crasher in -dealloc of EOTableViewAssociation removed.
  17. Associations don't retain their object any longer. This is how it should have been all along and its much better, because DetailAssociations don't have cycles with their displayGroups.
  18. Hardened EOColumnAssociation agains failure, when NSColumnTable disappears. An not so unlikely occurrence. Plays nicer with existing code.

Preview of MulleSybaseEOAdaptor Release Notes

  1. Fixed a datetime handling bug when the server timeZone was not set. This manifests in Tiger 10.4.
  2. Changed the way the adaptor advertises its binding requirements.
  3. Fixed a possibly crashing double free in image/text handling
  4. Fixed a little leak with error messages.