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Releasenotes for MulleEOInterface 1.2

This version is so compatible to the original framework, that you can use it underneath EOModeler and you won't notice a difference.

  1. EOComboBoxAssociation does not become the NSComboxBoxes dataSource, if the titles aspect is not connected.
  2. -boolForAspect reworked to fit comment. Tries to use "boolValue" selector if available, instead of checking for NSNumber class compatibillity.
  3. Fixed italic/bold/textColor on EOTableViewAssociation.
  4. EOMatrixAssociation only takes target/action, if either title or image aspect is used
  5. Undid pervasive use of [self control] instead of [self object] in EOGenericControlAssociation to work better with EOActionCellAssociation
  6. displayGroup:shouldChangeSelectionToIndexes: is now called more often...
  7. EOMasterDetailAssociation and friends now directly subclass EOAssociation again, to ensure backwards compatibility of newly created NIBs.
  8. EORadioMatrixAssociation now uses EOAssociation methods (as it should) instead of the EODisplayGroup directly.
  9. implemented textColor, italic and bold aspects on EOColumnAssociation.
  10. changed the order in which objectChanged and endEditing are called, so that there is less danger of recursion
  11. Fixed editedYet_ code in EOTextAssociation, to do what it should have done in the first place.
  12. the boolean isEnabled routines have been pervasively changed to tri-state objectState routines. The effect of this is, that when the enabled aspect is not bound, the association won't change that attribute of the control at all.