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MulleImagePrinter released

Well I made good of my promise rather sooner than later. So I released the MulleImagePrinter 2006. Truely not a stellar Cocoa application, but so what :)

In other news, I have recently made a little change in the MulleAutoreleasePool, so this has to settle a little bit again before I can release it. Also I need to write an article around it and that takes time. Time is something I don't have too much of recently...

Here are the current release notes of the MulleSybaseEOAdaptor and MulleEOInterface, which I predict will be released in April.

Preview of MulleEOInterface 1.0 Release Notes

  1. EOPickTextAssociation uses case insensitive like as a fall back default.
  2. EOTextAssociation clears the display object on connection, which appears to be historically correct.
  3. EOPopUpBoxes and EOComboboxes sort automatically their contents. This is a feature that will likely be undone or modified in 2.0. But for now it's historically correct apparently.
  4. NSPopUpBox hate, hate, hate. I have changed EOAssociation PopUpBox support and subsequently EOPopUpBoxAssociation to now use a helper data structure. All this because NSPopUpBox has an incredibly stupid API.
  5. Changed updateDisplayedObjects to always clear indexes if objects did change.
  6. EOTextAssociation updates now more agressively. This can be turned off, which I would suggest todo, if the text edited is large.
  7. EOColumnAssociation and EOAssociation are now binary compatible (again) with the original classes.
  8. Added an intermediate class EODisplayGroupAssociation. This class receives the EODisplayGroupShutdownNotification and nils out the internal reference, which is necessary to avoid spurious crashes.
  9. Again fiddled around with action: for the NSTextField special case.
  10. EOMasterDetailAssociation creates EODetailDataSources if missing from the EODisplayGroup, which is more compatible.
  11. EODisplayGroup forces selectionChanged: message, even if the delegate doesn't want the selection. This way the UI and the DG stay in sync.
  12. Optimistic Refresh now serializes compatibly with original EOF. You need to recheck your NIBs for this.
  13. Renamed displayGroup:shouldRedisplayForChangesInEditingContext: to displayGroup:shouldRedisplayForChangesInEditingContextNotification:, which is correct.
  14. Added an intermediate class EOColumnAssociationProxy. This class notices when the NSTableColumn goes away and breaks the connection on its EOColumnAssociation and nils out the object reference. For compatibility this proxy forwards most messages to it's EOColumnAssociation. EOTableViewAssociation is now agnostic of the tricks EOColumnAssociation plays with NSTableColumn. Class methods +[EOColumnAssociation columnAssociationsForTableView:] and +[EOColumnAssociation *columnAssociationForTableColumn:] are used.

Preview of MulleSybaseEOAdaptor 2.6 Release Notes

  1. Fix uninitalized factory problem, introduced in 2.4 by reuse of bindInfos.
  2. "Working with Custom Data Types". MulleSybaseEOAdaptor adheres now closer to specs.
  3. Handle NSNull if available. NSNull and EONull are considered to be equivalent. The adaptor will only return EONull from fetched data though.
  4. Fixed a datetime handling bug when the server timeZone was not set. This manifests in Tiger 10.4.
  5. Changed the way the adaptor advertises its binding requirements.
  6. Fixed a possibly crashing double free in image/text handling
  7. Fixed a little leak with error messages.
  8. Reuses bindInfos. This has the benefit of less memory fragmentation and being a bit faster.