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Towards Horizontal Scrolling in Quartz Composer

QC Screeny

I'd like to write a smooth horizontal scroller in Quartz Composer. Towards this goal, I am writing a few very simplistic text displayers. One of the most basic one, I made into a reuseable component. I stuffed it into ~/Library/Application Support/Apple/Developer Tools/Quartz Composer/Clips and now I have it handy in my Clip Library. I didnt't see offhand how to set the descriptive text, that appears at the bottom of the list of clips. So I used the Property List Editor and manually entered a description.

Maybe it's just me, but I couldn't get to save my composition properly, so that the "Mulle Text Provider" patch appeared immediately, when dragging out. Always some enveloping patch appeared instead, until I started a New from Template -> Quartz Composer Clip project and pasted my patches in there.

Anyway here is the patch for download: Mulle Text and the little demo, which was used to create the demo video.