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The Emperor has chosen a new Apprentice

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And what a surprise it was. It was none other than Jar Jar Binks, that the emperor had tempted to the dark side. Now folks with a sense for aesthetics, or common sense for that matter, were in a state of shock. There discomfort did not want to ease, even when the emperor revealed that the midichlorians level of Jar Jar had been found to be seven times higher than that of Vader. Thus the emperor speculated, that the Death Star would be more expertly commandeered by a Darth Binks than the over-emotional Vader. Despite the emperor's declaration, that the transition would just make good sense and bring peace and prosperity to the galaxy, the disappointment would have been only slightly less, if Yoda had been the one to be won over to the dark side.

As the lemmings in the senate cheered the emperor's speech, in a star system not very far away a separatist movement congregated to put an end to this madness. This movement collaborated with the trade union to mass produce many little Death Starlets, that were far cheaper than what the empire had to offer. Yet they were able to channel the force just as effectively. The sheer quantity of the Death Starlets overwhelmed the limited capabilities of Binks and decided the war quickly.

As an ironic twist to the tale, it was later found, that the excel table cell with Binks' midichlorian count had accidentally been switched with his green blood cell stats. Oh well, shit happens.

In other news today, I released MulleEOInterface 0.1. It's certainly better than 0.0. It's quite good actually. Now that's also some good news today.