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Resurrected code - mullePreviousInstanceMethodForSelector

A mail exchange on the Cocoa Developers mailing list made me dig out some old code I had lying around here from a company long deceased and by an unspecified author, who I suspect might have been him. I fixed it up a little and here it is. Don't complain if it's slowing down your code :P

#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

@interface NSObject ( MullePreviousIMP)

+ (IMP) mullePreviousInstanceMethodForSelector:(SEL) sel;


and the implementation

#import "NSObject+MullePreviousIMP.h"

#import <objc/objc-class.h>

@implementation NSObject ( MullePreviousIMP)

+ (IMP) mullePreviousInstanceMethodForSelector:(SEL) sel
   struct objc_method_list   *mlist;
   struct objc_method        *p;
   void     *rover;
   int      i;
   BOOL     flag;
   IMP      imp;
   Class    curClass;

   flag  = NO;
   rover = 0;

   imp = [self instanceMethodForSelector:sel];

   for( curClass = self; curClass; curClass = [curClass superclass])
      while( (mlist = class_nextMethodList( curClass, &rover)) != NULL)
         for( i = mlist->method_count - 1; i >= 0 ; i--)
            p = &mlist->method_list[ i];
            if( p->method_name == sel)
               if( p->method_imp == imp)
                  flag = YES;

               if( flag)
                  return( p->method_imp);


   return( NULL);

Here is an archive with some test code: MullePreviousIMP.tgz