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Project Titmouse

I am on the final stetch of coding EOF (that stretch may yet take awhile) and I have nothing particularly pressing to complain about. So I figure I might want to mention that I have a little site setup for the project. Now that site was going to be used for the fabled "joint venture" project. The german flag was supposed to be joined by the two other partners country's flags. Sort of representing the european joint venture idea of it. Oh well. That didn't happen.

I like the logo with the flying titmouse. But I think the rest won't survice the next website revision.

Anyway sometimes I update the progress report and I want to eventually create a flyer each for the various frameworks. So there is a little action on the site. There is also a little article in the works tentatively called The Story of MulleEOF which introduces EOF from a more technical standpoint, than what you usually read in the WebObjects documentation

Yup it's all pretty much just a tease at the point.