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MulleLife for Quartz Composer

Don't bug me about the movie not playing, looping correctly. This is a QuickTime bug.
This isn't really any progress towards the horizontal scroller, but the nifty stuff by Sam Kass inspired me to do a little Life demo using the GLSL shading language. This was not quite as easy as I thought, because the GLSL language subset that Apple provides can't do if statements really. I then figured I was going to use an array as a truth table, alas array aren't supported either.


Then I had the idea, that I could use a texture as a truthtable and I handpainted a texture with the life truth values and this worked.

Although I did screw it up a little, because Painter likes to alias graphics, even when single pixel drawing But that is corrected in the code.
I suspect generations of shader coders have figured this out before me, but nevertheless I had to pat myself on my back for that. :)

So here it is