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I am trying to use darcs

From my current rather naive point of view, darcs looks like a dumbed down version of arch. Which is good, because it's easier to start being productive with. I kinda expect, that after I have worked enough in darcs I might want to switch to arch afterwards. But then maybe not, if arch doesn't buy me much more.

Here is an interesting article from Mark Stosberg, who switched from cvs to darcs.

Problems I encountered with darcs so far:

  1. Remote repository system needs darcs installed. arch doesn't need that. Installing on FreeBSD was easy though, thanks to ZNeK. This may turn out to be quite a problem, as you need to install a cgi-bin script for anonymous remote access. That's just trouble waiting to happen. There is an experimental project underway, that does away with this limitation called darcshive or maybe darcs-repo.
  2. Removing files that you added by error (f.e. .AppleDouble and Contents), is not quite as convenient as hoped.

Getting a remote repository going is fairly easy. Just create an empty one with darcs init on the remote machine and with darcs push user@hostname:/path/to/repository you sync it up from the local machine.