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darcs and arch, not on 10.2

I want to try out darcs as an alternative to arch at work. darcs appears to be just as powerful as arch and has a simpler interface, which I'd prefer. I didn't mind at first, that it was written in Haskell - which is a language, that looks like Wirth got hold of LISP and tried to fuck it up as much as possible.

Then I minded! The problem is, that to get ghc the Haskell compiler running... you need to have Haskell running.

Then an alternative appeared: Use Darwinports. Installing that over CVS took at least an hour. Then I tried port install ghc. It failed with a compile error. 10.2 with gcc 3.1 is just not up to the task of compiling ghc. I didn't have gcc 3.3 installed there for whatever reason.
Then I tried fink. I looked at the package list on the fink site and saw ghc there. It took a while, until I figured out, how to get the whole package list into fink, but then ghc was missing in the downloaded list. Read a little something about stable and unstable packages on the fink site and consequently I gave up.

I quickly made up my mind, that this was not going to work, so I figured I had to use arch anyway. Unfortunately that failed to compile as well, with gcc 2.9 or gcc 3.1. So it seems that I can't use either with 10.2 or must install gcc 3.3. I finally pussed out and decided, that for EOF I just need 10.3. I booted that up.

Now I am runninng port install ghc again on 10.3 and it is going into its third hour for building ghc on my G5. This all reminds me of a short story somehow, that Harlan Ellison wrote and that he named "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream".