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Cool! There is a petition out there to stop the release of Doom 3. It reads:

Doom 3 will contain satanistic sympols witch our precious youth will see! Some claims that they look more forward to doom 3 than the second coming of Jesus Christ. The madness and violence must stop NOW! Don't let ID Software ever release doom 3 or it won't be long before we'll have a youth full of devil woreshippers and another columbine highschool situation

I mean if you write a petition to the U.S. Congress, even with only three whole sentences, at least run a spell checker over it once. Everything else will be just unintentionally funny.


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From: richy

having played and completed both doom 3 and its expansion pack, ressurection of evil, i can confirm htat i am indeed not a satan worshiper. The idea that peoples brains are sponges that aimlessly absorb everything they see has long been disproved. the only risk is with young children who sometimes have trouble destinguishing between fantasy and reality, but then again, thats why doom 3 is rated 18.

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From: Ben

HA HA HA HO HO oh man this is HILARIOUS (I think I misspelled it but oh well), the petition was probably written by some bible obssesing hick, THANK YOU, THE DEEP SOUTH!!!! :)

(speaking of hick humor has anyone seen any of Jeff Foxworthy's stand-ups? they're funny in a good way)

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