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PMC quest continued

OK, so I used a support incident with Apple to ask for more information. That turned out to be a dead end, because IBM has not officially released that documentation yet, so they can't give it to me either. Groan. The support incident got refunded, so that that was a no win - no lose kinda outcome.

I then got the idea that, since the 970 is derived from the POWER4, that maybe the performance monitoring unit of the 970 is a copy of that chip. Either I looked in all the wrong places, or the POWER4 / RS64 III CPU is much worse documented than the 970. Although it's the much older chip.

As - this being my holidays - I have a little time on my hand, I tried the amber, simg5, scrollpv combination from CHUD to see if that got me any futher. Unfortunately the last two tools are written in Java :) And scrollpv does not seem to be working correctly any more. What I could see, I didn't find more valuable, that what I could see in Shark.

So I am none the wiser.

I think looking through the architecture books, I can figure most of the events out by myself. This sorta reminds me of my earlier endeavors, which goes to show, that I haven't gotten anywhere :)