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Looking for a built-in interpreter for MulleIDE

I looked down the list on to figure out which interpreter to use as the primary MulleIDE script language. I want most of the logic to be scriptable and plug-in able. This way I figure, I can enhance the IDE on the fly when I need it. Also if I find some suckers to use MulleIDE, they might write stuff for me :) Here's a quick rundown of the choices, with a comment how I scientifically determined what to use and what not:

AppleScript Studio (Cocoa/AppleScript) I hate Applescript. I have had the nastiest experiences with it. I might support it later on, because it does get used.
CocoaBasic (Cocoa/Basic) Never heard of this. BASIC is an idea. But I don't know, I doubt REALBasicers will ever gonna use this. Would be a natural choice on Windows probably.
PerlObjCBridge (Cocoa/Perl)
CamelBones (Cocoa/Perl)
PERL. Never really got into perl. LamersPeople love it. It's a likely candidate, although I don't really wanna learn Perl.
EiffelCocoa (Cocoa/Eiffel) The language for students who prefer to write papers instead of code. I don't think so.
F-Script (Smalltalk dialect for Cocoa scripting) Never heard of one using this. Way too obscure for my taste.
OpenMCL (Cocoa/Lisp)
Gauche Objective-C Bridge (Cocoa/Scheme)
LISP would be my personal preference, unfortunately it's not popular enough. Otherwise everybody would be doing Emacs.
Cocoa Squeak (Cocoa/Squeak Smalltalk) Smalltalk is for students who prefer coding to writing papers, same problem as F-Script really.
Gwydion Dylan (Cocoa/Dylan) Dylan that still exists ?
Java Bridge (Cocoa/Java) Java is not scripted
Joy (Cocoa/JavaScript, interpreted Objective-C, interpreted Java, Tcl) Commercial, otherwise my first choice. JavaScript that is.
Lua Objective-C (Cocoa/Lua) I already tried this once. The language is a little to PASCALish for my taste. Also a bit too rudimentary in terms of library support. Otherwise this would have been my choice.
PyObjC (Cocoa/Python) Has this stupid white space indentation thing.
RubyCocoa (Cocoa/Ruby) I have no problems with Ruby.

So I will try Ruby first. If that doesn't work out, next up is either Perl or Python. Last in line is Lua and F-Script.