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iPhoto / iMovie - Making Movies with the Sony Ericsson P900

I shot a few pictures with the P900 on my skiing vacation last week. Some turned out pretty well for a mobile fon camera with a 640x400 resolution, but the lack of a flash makes indoor shots very grainy. I guess as a snaphot camera its OK.

Batch importing photos from the P900 in Mac OS X is a pain though, for lack of proper support. I ended up retrieving the pictures with my PC and transferred them over Samba to my Mac.

I really liked how easily I could layout a small PDF album in iPhoto with the imported photos.

I also tried recording some small movies with the P900. As a novelty its OK, but the quality of the recording is too bad to make it a worthwhile feature. I was a little disappointed, especially when you see some of the pre-recorded movies supplied by Ericsson.

For editing and postprocessing I used iMovie and that also worked very well. The interface is not quite that intuitive, but works well once you get the idea behind it.

Apple still hasn't fixed iSync (even with 1.4) to work properly with the P900. Pretty shabby, especially since they used to prominently advertise P900 compatibility on ISync's homepage. They now feature the Nokia...Anyway here is a small 2MB lightly edited movie recorded with the P900. I can promise you sensational action like in those Bogner films :) Technique Deluxe. Only the music and the title were added. The reddish color isn't intentional, but that's how it turned out.