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Garageband, I love it

I have it since yesterday - yes me the early adopter - and I think its great! The killer application for Mac OS X. I have spent 8 hours writing 40 seconds of music using software instruments only, I am prejudiced against the use of prefabricated loops.

It reminded me of my attempts using ProTracker on my Atari ST to create something, anything. Problem was I had no decent samples and my stuff sounded like shit. Not that I have much talent for this anyways. Now with Garageband the sample quality is incredible.

Here is the result, which has a lot of bugs, but WTF I still kinda like it. So it is still shit, but much more polished shit :) Try it out if you like, but dont tell me what you think :) You need a subwoofer to "enjoy" this. It's mostly bass tracks.


I don't know how much time I will realistically spend with Garageband. I'd like to debug that track and make it into something interesting to listen to for 2 minutes at least, but I also should get some hacking done and I am better at that :P. We will see.