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End of 2004

Goodbye 2004, Welcome 2005

As the long silence on this weblog indicated, well I have been procrastinating again. At home I couldn't get myself to code up much if anything. I spent most of the time playing Urban Terror. As a pre-Christmas resolution I archived it up and removed the Quake III folder from my PC. To force myself to spend more quality time coding up some shit. Lets see how this works out.

In other news I had to shut down the R.A. Lafferty Message Board and the Optimization Forum because we had someone exploiting the board software. Now that happened although I upgraded PHP and phbBB2 to the required newest versions, which is pretty mysterious. I will reopen the forums, when that exploit is covered up.

F:O:C - Fuck Off Commercial

Also check out MulleSight, if you have an iSight and ask ZNeK to add plenty more features. I need someone to write a small AppleScriptable application, that takes a JPG and appends it to a QT movie. I am old, clueless and lazy and don't know QuickTime anymore, so please help.