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Doom 3 and a new Motherboard

Me, exhausted after killing hundreds of demons. After a very draining weekend I finished Doom 3 (on Veteran level no less).

This game is really scary.

There is nothing quite like playing around 5 in the morning, and noticing that all your hair has risen! To be something like 12 hours consistently on the edge of your nerves does take its toll. I have to say I am glad that I finished it. I hope that I will return back to normal in a few days.

To be able to play this I had to upgrade my machine a little. Specifically I swapped the old motherboard for a dual channel board with 1 GB of memory. That allowed my Athlon 2400 to run at full speed instead of the crippling 1800 (Quantispeed) speed of the old board. The speed up is incredible. Much more than I expected. Urban Terror's "Rommel Map" now plays silkily smooth, well most of the time :) A good motherboard does pay off.

I also bought a nice case with appropriate cooling. My PC has now more fans than my G5 and runs quieter too.

Though it looks nice for a PC, it sure doesn't look better than my Apple :)