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Coding EOF

I didn't write much about any projects here. The last project I started MulleIDE is in limbo, because XCode 2.0 seems to become tolerable.

Currently I am busy coding yet another EOF clone. Indeed it's gonna be a clone, because like MulleEOInterface, I am trying again for binary compatibility in the first step.
In the second step I want to push it forward to be faster, less memory hungry and more flexible. Of course it will be in Objective-C.

First I want to get EOAccess going, as that's what I have rewritten much of it already at work. And I think it's easier to code than EOControl.

I looked at a few other EOAccess implementations, but so far I haven't reused anything from them. The problem with reuse of these LGPL libraries is, that I am narrrowing down my options of what I can do with the code, and so far I haven't encountered any real "problem" writing down the relatively straightforward code of EOAccess. That may change for EOControl, where I am considering participating in one of the open source projects, if that saves me some appreciable time. But that's for sometime next spring, currently I am busy doing EOAccess.

These are the projects containing EOAccess or EOControl implementations I looked at:

GDL2 OGo GDL1 BDControl AJRDatabase
Look under Software

For Mac OS X, you might want to check out AJRDatabase. I haven't actually run it, but the code looks OK. The author is likely to convert of his BD prefix in the future. He also wants to achieve EOF 4.5 compatibility some time.

Is it going to be Open Source ? The answer is probably, parts of it almost certainly, but I ain't promising nothing yet.