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Back from Wocoa

This Wocoa was really nice. Enough people but not too many. Good location. Sufficient amounts of beer. Interesting people. Plenty of flies. Here are some impressions taken with my mobile phone camera (quality is fair to suckish, but my gosh don't you know it).

(Anjo) Isn't anyone going to ask me about Cosada ?
Dirk and ZNeK
(Dirk and ZNeK) Some mischief played on an unsuspecting participant's iBook.
Helge and Michael
(Michael and Helge) The future looks even brighter with a beer in your hand.
(Fiege Pils) My personal view of Wocoa.
(Lars and Helge) Was that a fly I swallowed?
(ZNeK) "This presentation marks the end of WO and the beginning of SOPE X!"