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What to expect ?

The usual Mulle article has a gestation period of a month maybe more, with lots of research, testing, several rewrites and finally some quality checking by helpful Mulles. Quite in contrast this journal entry will be written in less than a quarter of an hour, with just the few things that are on my mind.

Since I am getting no money on this, this page is amateurish and dilettante by definition! Since I already have a job, I don't need to write staidly - always in fear of alienating a prospective bread givers. Har har.

So don't expect much :) If you expect the presentation to be professional or tasteful, fuck off :) to set the tone.


Coding Just worked for the company, no Mulle coding
Gaming 40 min of Urban Terror, acceptable I think (so far)

Totally random crap

Why there are no comments on this Weblog. ZNeK wanted comment ability. I can guess why, and therefore no! Not yet anyway...

This is a Hermelin Hermelin
It's the name of my latest release of the software I write amongst too many others on my job. (Just checking here if I can inline images in this weblog :) )..

So what's new ? bbum checked out iTunes 4 and that Apple Music Store and (suprise :)) liked it a lot.
I am (surprise :) underwhelmed. $0.99 for one MP3 with some sort of DRM ? That means for a 12 track album I am paying $12 and I don't get full sound quality, no booklet or other neat packaging and I get DRM.
With Kazaa I can download those 12 tracks for online cost. If I then buy the CD I pay $4 more and I get full sound quality, booklet and no DRM.
With the CD I am also paying the distributor and the end seller. With Apple Music Store, the distributor is cut out.
So I think it should be much cheaper, like $0.25 or so per file. Well I live in a bloody nightmare not in the test market :) so I actually I don't need to care anyway, yet.

The best thing about file sharing is something the Apple Music Store can't offer and that is the perusal of other peoples collection. I would for example not have ever heard of 16 Horsepower if I hadn't been looking through the collection of another user, who shared some equally morose musical tastes.