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The good times are back,

I thought. But well they are not :) or rather :(

Read this on the extreeemly mild mannered apple developer mailing list, where cotton balls are considered dangerous weapons

On Tuesday, June 24, 2003, at 11:26 AM, some guy wrote:

> When you old guys retire, who is going to take your places?

Some, take a break from computing and educate yourself about the economic and political environment you inhabit. The powers that drive industry today could care less if us old bastards and/or bitches retire, die, or evaporate.

And as for who will be taking our place?

It ain't you.

Other Guy

(names removed to protect the innocent and guilty :)) : Wow an actual flame. My gracious, I think I might faint! Actually that was a very good laugh.

Well, the public apology just came in, which just goes to show, that the dark age we are living in, is anything but far from over.