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When I looked for a Weblog to install on Mulle, I chose Movable Type, because it looks neat from the start and it does not need to use MySQL. Instead you can configure it to run with Berkeley DB. Now I find that a nice feature, because you don't have to worry about some database daemons running. Berkeley DB is just some files that are written and that can be easily moved around. From my perspective at the moment Movable Type does everything I need.

On the client side I chose Kung Log a nice desktop client, to edit, load and upload your entries. It has a nice option of making automatic links to the tune iTunes is currently playing, which happens to be Bastards of a lying breed from the album "The Crusher" by Amon Amarth. All that HTML from "be" to ".All" was generated by Kung Log! Neat :)

Saw X-Men-2, liked it.