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Raison d'être

The world does not need this Web Journal but I think I do. It's kind of like Alcoholics Anonymous, where you force yourself to some sort of regiment, to get rid of a vice. My vice is excessive online video playing. I have come to the conclusion that I am wasting too much time on it. Here in Europe I am a fairly regular guest on some Urban Terror CTF servers, and if you play here, you might have been fragged to shit by some one with the monicker of Satchel Pooch or mORALISt. Urban Terror is a really good mod for Quake III. If you haven't tried it, check it out.

The problem is I have a heap of stuff I want to do and want to release, as there is in various states of completeness:

  • The PPC Reassembler, the distributed reverse engineering tool.
  • MulleSybaseEOAdaptor 2.0 for Sybase version 12 and up (with large table support)
  • The MulleMallocator, a very fast malloc implementation
  • Two articles for the Optimizing Objective-C series

I already ditched my TV at one time, to get rid of that time sucker, but getting rid of the PC is at the moment not possible. So the fact that you can't really play on a Mac doesn't help me much, because the PC is near by...

I hope that if I force myself to write this journal from Monday-Thursday, I will feel pissed of at myself, if the entry is just "didn't get anything done". Ok that's it for today. Tomorrow a little more groundwork at what to expect here :)Nothing here, still coming to grips with Movable Type.