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Puzzling Debugtools

Tried to refamiliarize myself with ObjectAlloc and MallocDebug. Chose in ObjectAlloc. Let it run a while. Went through the main menu. Then marked it. Now went to the main menu again (especially Apple menu). Woa! Massive leakage. Let it sit for a few minutes, so that some autorelease pools get cleaned up.

Marked it again. Did the same thing, leakage again. Hmm... now try it with MallocDebug. MallocDebug starts up and gives me after the same operations 48 bytes of definite leakage.

48 bytes is nothing. The "possible" leakage is 5.4K and remains stable, no matter what I do in the menu. That would indicate that everything is fine. But on the other hand the idle memory footprint is steadily increasing...

Hmm... need to do more reading.

Wrote some more stuff for the article. Happily found some backup of code, that I thought I would never see again, as it was on my stolen iPod.