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Painful long day at work

Hmm why does my compilation say now that CoreServices.h doesn't find <OT/OT.h>, <NSLCore/NSLCore.h>, and <SecurityCore/SecurityCore.h>. Running fixPrecomps as a voodoo fix on it, that doesn't do anything. Since I have little time left, I opt to manually edit out OT.h NSLCore.h and SecurityCore.h from that Carbon Framework header, since I don't use them anyway.
So far so good.

Apple and their fucked up installation tools. Make memo, to completely reinstall 10.2 on that machine.

Later: Linking now gives /usr/lib/libSystem.dylib malformed object. I love it. Figure I should upgrade the developer tools, hoping that the new linker will wing this... Remaining installation time 59 min. ARGH!!!