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No Hacking / SPAM

I am enjoying a week of non-hacking.

So, I get a whole lot of SPAM lately. There is little one can do against that. Occasionally you can have some fun though. I get every few days a letter from some african idiots, that try to milk me off my money. I have now started to keep the SPAM and forward the mails to other spammers.

I like to fantasize that either, one is actually stupid enough to believe the other guy and waste his money there. That'd be cool. The other hopeful effect might be that one Nigerian SPAM mafia will get wind of the other Nigerian SPAM mafia and they start killing each other.

Well, one can always hope, but that's probably not gonna happen.

A very small revenge is to list the email addresess of those that spam me and hope that an email adress bot harvests them off my page. So here goes:

I wasted unfortunately most of the other SPAM but more soon to follow.