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G5 : Now you're playing with power, 350W to be exact

A more unusual benchmark is measuring the power use of the dual G5 2GHz with a 20" Cinema Display attached. The Cinema display pulls ca. 20-25 Watt (it will probably pull more on an all-white screen. Conserve energy, use white on black ). Please mentally subtract this from the following "in use" numbers. There wasn't much disk I/O happening by the way:

G5 power off 2 W
G5 sleeping 10 W
G5 CPU use 5% 200 W
G5 CPU use 50% 220 W
G5 CPU use 75% 330 W
G5 CPU use 95% 350 W

this compares thusly with my old Cube 450 Mhz (no monitor)

Cube power off 7 W
Cube sleeping 9 W
Cube on 35 - 50 W

Question: If I turn off my computers immediately after use, how long can I run the G5 at top speed (350 W) before using more energy than I would have with the Cube (75W including Cinema Display) in a month with 30 days?