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G5: HFS+ vs UFS on small files

The textutils-2.1 benchmark again. Here's the result on UFS:

real 1m36.1 user 0m37.8 sys 1m5.6

and once again on HFS+

real 1m36.7 user 0m37.8 sys 1m6.2

This shows that the only thing going for UFS is it's case-sensitivity. Because UFS does not have journaling and needs to fsck when things go down, it is very unattractive. It's only use nowadays is for porting UNIX software where case sensitivity maybe needed (Makefile makefile MAKEFILE).

This also proves that a software stripe RAID helps nothing to improve compile times. As these were the times I got then:

real 1m35.1 user 0m37.3 sys 1m4.1

Wasn't there an option in HFS+ introduced recently to turn on case-sensitivity ?

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