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Experience with the DWL-700AP as a Wireless Client

  1. Cheap € 49!
  2. Can act as an Access Point, as a Repeater and as a Wireless Client too
  3. Seems to work
  4. Strong enough for the entire house. The Access Point is placed in the middle story and all rooms and most of the garden gets covered.
  5. Looks nice
  6. Can be wall mounted


  1. No useful documentation available, for Repeater and Wireless Client
  2. Pressing Reset or Reset to Factory Defaults in the HTTP interface both wipe your settings. Grr.
  3. Close to no diagnostic tools.
  4. DHCP can't do static assignments
  5. HTTP user interface badly executed
  6. Case is sloppily manufactured

If you want a DWL-700AP as a Wireless Client with WEB encryption, you need to set Authentication in to Shared Key. Open System might also work, but Auto reliably fails.
Don't go crazy with the local IP settings just give both a unique IP on your local net.
Otherwise you don't need any magic.

For the price I think its a good deal.