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Continued writing the Article / Omnigraffle ugliness

For some background info I did some research on other mallocs. With every article I read, there's the little scare that it makes my article and all its work obsolete. Fortunately not so yet phew... After writing a good part of the article detailing the workings of the algorithm, I found out a nice way to optimize a certain operation. Which I wanted to implement immediately. Looking at the code though, I saw that what I had programmed before was ALL wrong. How horrible! My code was littered with obvious coding mistakes!?

As it turned out I already had made a much better improvement there and had forgotten all about it. It reduced some code to constant, which today I thought I could optimize from linear to logarithmic. Now I need to redo quite a few drawing again. This also proves that I am getting dumber...

Which leads me to the next bitch and moan, Omnigraffle a feature rich but unfortunately not very accurate drawing program makes my drawing look like this:   

The minor problem is the strangely skewed box in the lower left corner. I selected all left boxes and said move to front I took all right boxes and said move to background. Then I said "align to grid" nevertheless something's wrong. The geometry inspector doesn't find any difference between the blue 0x50 and the red 0x70 box, apart from the vertical offset, but I sure can see the difference. I can live with that though, although it's a little ugly.

What I can not live with is the way the text hugs the top barrier. Now that is damn ugly.

To say something positive about Omnigraffle, a real nice feature is the possibility to export parts of your drawings as TIFF via copy/paste. That's how the article is done. I draw in OmniGraffle and copy/paste TIFF into TextEdit. In the end I will do a manual conversion into HTML.